Ever wanted to try a martial art? Now is a great time! We have classes especially for people new to martial arts and aikido, these will be 1 hour classes and free to try on:

  • Thursday 5th January 2017 @ 2000
  • Sunday 8th January 2017 @ 1600

At Bedford Aikido club we have a minimum age of 18 as we believe the learning style of adults differs from that of children. There may be more questions, discussion, etc. to help improve understanding. Practising a martial art can help with:

  • Fitness
  • Co-ordination
  • Flexibility
  • Confidence

You are welcome to one or both, to come and practice or watch. We also believe in having fun and enjoying practice, it needs to be an enjoyable activity! If you want to get in touch then call Mark on 07958 669199 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Equally you can just turn up!

Common questions

Am I fit/flexible enough?

Yes you are! The number one reason people state they will 'come later' is to improve fitness. We work with anyone, at any level of fitness and you can improve fitness and flexibility while having fun. 

What shall I wear?


At your first class where some loose fitting exercise clothes (not shorts as you spend time kneeling). After a while you may choose to buy a suit.

How often should I train?

The more you train the quicker you see results but you have to balance with family, work and other commitments.  Some people practise once a week and others more often.  You must find a level that suits you and try to build a routine.